Wooden Script Letters – Baroque Script Lowercase


The price is per wooden letter.

  • 1/2″ thick
  • Sizing is explained below.
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This listing is for the Baroque Script Lowercase ONLY.

These connected wooden letters are lightly sanded, with no paint. This makes an economical choice for those who want to paint their own letters or to decoupage them.

These letters are measured off the absolute highest point to the lowest point in the name or word you are ordering. If you have the name betty, we measure from the top of the b to the bottom of the y.

Please reference the below chart for ordering guidelines, please choose the correct “overall height” which will change by the letter chosen.  Call with questions.

Our largest “long” box is 14″ tall and is up to 78″ long. If you order something that is taller than 14″ and/or longer than 36″, we may need to charge extra for the oversize custom box and extra shipping. You may contact us prior to ordering if you have a large name.